Have you got a design dilemma? Then let me help you! I am offering my Design Services for FREE for a limited time.. Please email me for more information :)


I would love to offer my E-Design Service to you for FREE! Please email me for further information

E -Design Services:

If you enjoy decorating but just need a plan and/or inspiration for a specific room in your home this service is definitely the one for you.

Included in your package is an online consultation (This will be done via Email), inspiration board, floor plan, and written explanation as well as DIY Tutorials if needed.  This way it allows you to re-create my design all at once or in simple stages as your time and budget allows.  

Design Questions:

If you are in need of some simple design advice about paint, furniture arrangement, fabrics, resources etc please feel free to email me with your question. I will then send you an email with links and descriptions of any ideas that I have come up with as your solution.

For more information please contact me on srdesignfiles@gmail.com.