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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Herbs + Cat = DISASTER

Did I mention to you that we also brought some little herbs the other weekend. We thought it would like nice on the kitchen windowsill, plus we are always using herbs! This way we can use our own fresh ones instead of the crappy dried ones from the shops.

Well anyway, I got some little $1 pots to put them in (I would show you before pictures, but my wonderful Fiance beat me to the punch and had already planted them! Love you Hunni! :)

They look something like this.........

And here is our poor Chives!

Our Chives were originally nice and long and flowing when we first planted them... Until I woke up the next morning! I looked at them and thought, surely they don't shrink in the dark! HAHA I know what an idiot I am for even thinking that :) So I started looking around to see if they had dropped off anywhere, but nope no sign of that either!

This is the culprit!

I realised that later on during the day I seen my sneaky little cat jump on the kitchen bench (Which she never does, because she knows she will be lucky to be alive when Mr P finds out).

Have you ever heard that pepper keeps cats away!? Well I am going to give it a go, teach that little rascal who's boss! :)

Does anyone else have a cheeky pet? Or am I the only one!

P.S I am planning on making cute little labels for them, possibly chalkboard paint ones.. What do you wreckon??

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I've Joined the Band Wagon!!

Well while i was floating around blogosphere I came across a great blog called "Sit Relax and Read" and Cha Cha is doing this awesome challenge - "10 Tasks in Ten Days"! I seriously can't wait, one thing i love is lists, even better if I can actually cross things off of it :)

Ten Tasks

Cha Cha suggests to list 20 things and then aim to get at least 10 of them crossed off.  So here's my list of To-Do: (Eeek I am scared!)

1.   Re-decorate shelf in dining room

2.   Paint my ugly coffee table

3.   Create storage bins from boxes

4.   Re-decorate my bedroom tallboy

5.   Decorate Baby H's dresser

6.   Make art for bedroom

7.   Make Pom Pom's for Baby H's room

8.   Paint Bedside tables 9Wok out how to paint laminate)

9.   Plant my Herbs into pot plants

10.   Create labels for Herbs

11.   Weed the backyard

12.   Do Hand and Foot Prints of Baby H and Make into art??

13.   Complete scrapbook for Mr. P

14.   Make twine balls

I can only think of 14 things to do at the moment, but I am sure that will expand enormously if I really thought hard about it (which I really don't want to know what else I have to do!!).

So, lets see how we go for now... Hopefully I can cross some of them off my list of things to do :)

You should definitely head over and link up your list.

Monday, 27 June 2011

My Ikea Buys

Well you might remember from my previous post that I was going to Ikea! I had a great time, there is so many nice things there and great ideas. I really wanted to take some pictures for you guys of some of the awesome room layouts, but, there was a stack of people there, we barely had room to move! And i'm pretty sure the rest of the society did not wanna be famous be seen on my blog! {giggle}

Anyways here are some things I got when I went there:

This is my bag of goodies....

oh and this photo frame.....

I couldn't go past this cute little pot - and it was only $3!!

I know I know, its fake! But I am really bad at keeping plants alive :( Please don't hate me 

Don't you think it looks cute in the pot though?!

A pack of 3 photo frames, all for only $3 aswell! I thought I could paint them...

You're probably thinking What the Heck is that - well this is a shelf! Although I don't think I will use it for that because I couldn't find the smaller one to go on top of it :( But I still liked the pretty design on top of it.

Some fake flowers! They're actually yellow and orange HA! (I know my photography skills are SHOCKING! Does anyone have any tips for me ?? :)
Some more flowers.... and another vase....

Some rocks to go in the square vase :)

And a cheap little throw rug, it was the same colour as the ones in my room, although I dunno where I am going to put it :-/

Well now you know what I brought, sad thing is I have absolutely no idea where I am going to put all these things. How about when I work it out I'll let you all know aswell :)

Have you got any great bargains lately??

Friday, 24 June 2011

Make a Big Splash With Your Office Accessories

I know I love stationary that makes a room pop! Whether it is for your office at work or at home, this should be your space where you can let your personality show. So today I wanted to share with you some office accessories that will make this room even more personal and pretty.

Here are some cute accessories that every girl should have in her decorating budget when it comes to the home office.

Never forget another phone message or 'To Do' again with these awesome sticky notes! 

If I had one of theses, filing would be a breeze, I think I would even make up things to file just so I can look at this :)

 I think I'm definitely going to have to make me some of these, not only are they adorable but then i can clip up everything that needs to be done for the day!

There's nothing better in the home then a pretty bunch of flowers to give a fresh homely feeling in my opinion.

What can you not live without in your office??

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Top 5 No No's in the Home Office

Have you ever wondered what 'Not To Do' when trying to set up your home office? Well I have done the searching for you, and this is what I have found..

1.   Don’t buy a complete matching office suite of furniture – you know the one I am talking about with the desk that matches the chair which then matches the hutch and file cabinet.  Seriously it screeaamsss "no personality"!

2.   Don’t buy the laminates or wood veneers.  They're cheap (unless your at Ikea - I can't understand why there furniture is the price it is considering its just laminate!) but trust me they don't normally last very long, and you cant paint them. 

3.   Don’t skimp on the office chair.  You are going to be spending a huge amount of time in this chair, so be kind to yourself and pick something that is comfortable. There are some amazing blogs out there that have done chair revamps if you are looking at money saving ideas, like these:

You should go check out the full post over at Tattered to Flattered - she has done the most AMAZING job on this chair! I would love to have it in my home..

Another example of a wonderful chair revamp is over at the The Handmade Home - I so have to learn the skills of reupholstering crappy looking furniture to masterpieces like these girls!

4.   Don’t forget to add decorative touches.  This is supposed to be YOUR space, so mix i up with some flowers and family photos. Even some DIY artwork is a great idea.

5.   Don't use your home phone for your home office if you are trying to run a business from home.  The worse thing for a prospective client to hear is your little munchkin kiddies screaming in the background.

Have you got any more tips on decorating and planning the home office? 

Monday, 20 June 2011

My Dream Office

If this were a perfect world and I could have a perfect office that took up a full room, I would be a very very happy girl! I would love to have a large office with great big windows and lots of sun shining with some nice greenery to look at, or possibly the ocean! HA!

And unlimited storage with pretty file boxes!

Hey that pink and black folder storage even matches the picture of the bedroom from my previous post!

And..... if I could have a whole room to play with, these are some of the things i would want it to look like....

(I wish my whole house could look like this)

What would be your dream office if money grew on trees? Would you have a big fancy room or are you quite happy with a little space? It would be interesting to see what your opinion is :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Friday, 17 June 2011


YAY!! This weekend I get to go on a trip to Ikea! I am soooo excited (I know I know, don't judge me). I was originally going to go to the Wedding Expo that is on at the moment, but hello how not hard of a choice was it between Ikea and the Wedding Expo!

Hopefully I find a few goodies while I am there, and then I can show you all my lovelies next week :)

What are you doing this weekend? Who knows, maybe I will see you at Ikea!

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend!

P.S Also I am not sure if you have noticed but at the top of my page I am advertising a FREE Decorating Service, so if you have a design dilemma or just a question in general feel free to email me at srdesignfiles@gmail.com 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Office Inspiration Month

Hi Guys, I hope you all had a great weekend! It's a long weekend here (Australia) and is great to relax and spend some wonderful time with my Partner :) Did you do anything exciting or eventful this weekend?

Well I was thinking that maybe I should finish this month off with everything and anything to do with the Home Office. As i'm in the thinking/planning process of doing up our our Guest Room and putting in a Cloffice (office in a closet), I couldn't think of a better topic to cover then the 'Home Office'.

In my opinion every girl needs a place where she can sit away from all the hustle and bustle of life's little duties to just take a minute to herself where she can relax, read blogs and overload on decorating and organising inspiration from all the lovely blogs on here and the pretties in those magazines.

So to end this month off I am going to be doing posts on my inspiration for everything to do with the office, from the must haves to all the lovely things that should also be in there to make you feel like your in heaven! So heres one of my favourite pictures that I wish was my own home office, I love how clean and crisp everything looks (If only this were a perfect world)!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Guest Room/Office

Well we currently have a spare room which is the guest room at the moment, although the only thing in there is a bed and a couple of boxes that i'm still to unpack (this was meant to be done a couple of months ago but of course i had to go into labour the same week we got them and still haven't worked up the courage to find homes for everything yet!).

I would luurve to make it into an office/guest room but am to confused as to what colour scheme i want. At the moment i seem to be fixated on the look of pink and black..

But I also really like the look of more muted tones like whites and blues

My plans for this room is to make a nice comfy place where guests can come and relax and feel like they're actually on a holiday, maybe even a nice retreat!  I also want to combine the office in this space. I was thinking along the lines of one of those nice cupboard office that seem to be all the rage at the moment (but i think i might leave that to another day).

Sooo what are your thoughts? I love both looks.. I think the more subtle colours will be much more relaxing for our guests, and from what i can see in those pictures I could also possibly add in a little touch of pink and black??!!

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on these colours? I need HELP! haha I am such an indecisive person!