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Monday, 27 June 2011

My Ikea Buys

Well you might remember from my previous post that I was going to Ikea! I had a great time, there is so many nice things there and great ideas. I really wanted to take some pictures for you guys of some of the awesome room layouts, but, there was a stack of people there, we barely had room to move! And i'm pretty sure the rest of the society did not wanna be famous be seen on my blog! {giggle}

Anyways here are some things I got when I went there:

This is my bag of goodies....

oh and this photo frame.....

I couldn't go past this cute little pot - and it was only $3!!

I know I know, its fake! But I am really bad at keeping plants alive :( Please don't hate me 

Don't you think it looks cute in the pot though?!

A pack of 3 photo frames, all for only $3 aswell! I thought I could paint them...

You're probably thinking What the Heck is that - well this is a shelf! Although I don't think I will use it for that because I couldn't find the smaller one to go on top of it :( But I still liked the pretty design on top of it.

Some fake flowers! They're actually yellow and orange HA! (I know my photography skills are SHOCKING! Does anyone have any tips for me ?? :)
Some more flowers.... and another vase....

Some rocks to go in the square vase :)

And a cheap little throw rug, it was the same colour as the ones in my room, although I dunno where I am going to put it :-/

Well now you know what I brought, sad thing is I have absolutely no idea where I am going to put all these things. How about when I work it out I'll let you all know aswell :)

Have you got any great bargains lately??

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