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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Top 5 No No's in the Home Office

Have you ever wondered what 'Not To Do' when trying to set up your home office? Well I have done the searching for you, and this is what I have found..

1.   Don’t buy a complete matching office suite of furniture – you know the one I am talking about with the desk that matches the chair which then matches the hutch and file cabinet.  Seriously it screeaamsss "no personality"!

2.   Don’t buy the laminates or wood veneers.  They're cheap (unless your at Ikea - I can't understand why there furniture is the price it is considering its just laminate!) but trust me they don't normally last very long, and you cant paint them. 

3.   Don’t skimp on the office chair.  You are going to be spending a huge amount of time in this chair, so be kind to yourself and pick something that is comfortable. There are some amazing blogs out there that have done chair revamps if you are looking at money saving ideas, like these:

You should go check out the full post over at Tattered to Flattered - she has done the most AMAZING job on this chair! I would love to have it in my home..

Another example of a wonderful chair revamp is over at the The Handmade Home - I so have to learn the skills of reupholstering crappy looking furniture to masterpieces like these girls!

4.   Don’t forget to add decorative touches.  This is supposed to be YOUR space, so mix i up with some flowers and family photos. Even some DIY artwork is a great idea.

5.   Don't use your home phone for your home office if you are trying to run a business from home.  The worse thing for a prospective client to hear is your little munchkin kiddies screaming in the background.

Have you got any more tips on decorating and planning the home office? 

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