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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cloffice Inspiration

Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog (well i hope atleast someone may be actually reading this haha) today I am going to show you some closet offices that im loving at the moment and would love to take ideas/inspiration from (really copy, but...)

Don't you think this little reading/working nook is one of the cutest things you have seen! There's storage space plus a little extra room to hang some pretty frames and cuddle up in the corner with a decorating magazine.

This is one of my all time favourites, I love everything about this space, and everything about I Heart Organizing, Jen would have to one of my favourite bloggers!

I cant get over how great these inspiration boards look! Its great how they have incorporated the patterned fabric, as well as the tool board (not sure what it is really called!) for hanging stationary holders onto it.

Everything about this is gorgeous, I really like the look of the of how relaxing it is and the neutral tones, just like the picture below...

Well thats my little bit of inspiration for today, and some great ideas that I hope to put into my own creation! Has anyone else created a cloffice?? How did you decided what to put in there? There is sooooo many good things that I can only dream of having, but such limited space... I would love to hear your story :)

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