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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Herbs + Cat = DISASTER

Did I mention to you that we also brought some little herbs the other weekend. We thought it would like nice on the kitchen windowsill, plus we are always using herbs! This way we can use our own fresh ones instead of the crappy dried ones from the shops.

Well anyway, I got some little $1 pots to put them in (I would show you before pictures, but my wonderful Fiance beat me to the punch and had already planted them! Love you Hunni! :)

They look something like this.........

And here is our poor Chives!

Our Chives were originally nice and long and flowing when we first planted them... Until I woke up the next morning! I looked at them and thought, surely they don't shrink in the dark! HAHA I know what an idiot I am for even thinking that :) So I started looking around to see if they had dropped off anywhere, but nope no sign of that either!

This is the culprit!

I realised that later on during the day I seen my sneaky little cat jump on the kitchen bench (Which she never does, because she knows she will be lucky to be alive when Mr P finds out).

Have you ever heard that pepper keeps cats away!? Well I am going to give it a go, teach that little rascal who's boss! :)

Does anyone else have a cheeky pet? Or am I the only one!

P.S I am planning on making cute little labels for them, possibly chalkboard paint ones.. What do you wreckon??

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BluBabesCreate said...

Thanks for letting me know. We have two cats and five kids. Come on over and see some amazing decor and reupholstery.