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Monday, 11 July 2011

I Love you ....... This Much!

I came across this fabulous idea on Pinterest the other day (that site keeps stealing my life by the way - does any one else have that problem?) I only just joined like a week ago, and have been addicted ever since!

I thought this was a brilliant idea, it originally was from 'A Day In My Life" blog. So i tried to re-create it for Mr P, from Baby H :)

First off I just started with some pink scrap booking paper (I thought it was probably a bit girly, but Baby H IS a girl so Mr P will just have to love it anyway :) lol) a pair of scissors and some glue, which I then changed for sticky tape cos it was easier, and Im lazy!

That was the best traced hand i got - so I had to do some photoshopping haha - Have you ever tried to trace the hands of a 3 month old baby, almost impossible!! These cute little fingers are time consuming

So then I just traced two of them onto the pink scrapbook paper

After that, just cut a strip of long paper (I used 2 strips as I wanted mine longer) and sticky tape each side to a hand.

Fold the strips accordion style

Write on the strip of paper, I wrote "I love you ........ This Much Daddy!"

And I then put it in Mr P's work shirt for a little surprise tomorrow morning when he puts on his shirt!

This is a great idea for Father's Day. Although I just wanted to make something sentimental so he knows just how much we love and appreciate him, on any given day! :)

Have you made anything crafty lately??

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