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Friday, 8 July 2011

10 Tasks in 10 Days - Finale

Oh my goodness! Can you believe that 10 days has passed already! It went so quick, I dont even know where the days went, but I can tell you they didn't all go to crossing things off my list :(

You know this list I am talking about.. Over at Cha Cha's awesome blog - "Sit, Relax and Read' she has been doing a challenge called '10 Tasks in 10 Days'.

Ten Tasks

She got heaps crossed off her list as well, you should definitely go on over and see everything Cha Cha got done :)

So last week i completed 5 things off my list, and this week I have been REALLY slack - and for no apparent reason! No excuses this time! HA

1.   Re-decorate shelf in dining room - Done

2.   Paint my ugly coffee table - Half way there

3.   Create storage bins from boxes
4.   Re-decorate my bedroom tallboy - Done

5.   Decorate Baby H's dresser - Coming Shortly
6.   Make art for bedroom
7.   Make Pom Pom's for Baby H's room
8.   Paint Bedside tables (Work out how to paint laminate)

9.   Plant my Herbs into pot plants Done!
10.   Create labels for Herbs
        (Need to buy some chalkboard paint)
11.   Weed the backyard
12.   Do Hand and Foot Prints of Baby H and Make into art?? - I made some art not exactly what i was planning though, photos to come soon :)
13.   Complete scrapbook for Mr. P - Photos to come soon!
14.   Make twine balls

So really, I only done one thing on my list this week, and it's not even finished yet. But I promise I will pull my finger out and eventually cross every little itty bitty thing off my list shortly...

Have you done anything interesting lately? Decorating, painting even maybe some crafting or cooking?? I would love to see :)


blesid said...

I think you should be proud! You got shelves decorated, herbs planted... and a bunch of other things done or nearing completion! Can't wait to see the photos to come! Jules

blesid said...

PS, I'm your newest follower!!! Jules

Anonymous said...

It was an arduous assignment and you accomplished much. Good going. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

Renegades said...

Hey it's off the list. Good job!

Cha Cha said...

You have done a great job. I have enjoyed following your progress so much.

Thanks for linking up and being a part of my first 10 Task in 10 Days, I am going to do another one in the fall so keep your eyes out for it.

Cha Cha